Our Services

We aim to make working with us a streamlined and simple process.

Print & Digital Design

We develop your cohesive brand presence with consistent print, social, and signage design.

Print Design: Any Print Collateral Plus Signage, Apparel and More

Professional print and visual design help your business stand out in a crowded marketplace. We develop high quality design pieces for large campaigns and smaller individual projects.


  • All types of print marketing collateral including brochures, sales sheets, postcards, flyers, folders, and business cards
  • Magazine, catalog and annual reports
  • Signage and environmental displays including banners, outdoor and indoor displays, and yard signs
  • T-shirt and promotional item design

Digital Design for Social Media, Ads, and More

How you present your business and brand online is key for businesses, authors and entrepreneurs. We help you communicate with your customers where they are: where they search, on social media, and in their inbox.


  • Social media graphics and ads for Google, Facebook and Instagram
  • Facebook marketing – ad design and account management
  • Email newsletter design and marketing 

Website Design

We help you put your best digital foot forward with a new or refreshed WordPress website.

Brand New Websites or Rebranding Existing Websites

These days, you have multiple front doors on the internet but there are only two that you own and you control: your website and your email list. Your website is a crucial establishment of your brand presence. It’s the landing zone, the information warehouse for your company, presenting your message and bringing customers to the next interaction.

  • Brand new or refreshed WordPress website design
  • Website design consulting


Branding & Marketing

We communicate your story via your logo, brand identity, and smart marketing campaigns.

Brand Development including Logo Design, Brand Narrative, and Brand Guidelines

Branding is more important than ever with customers having multiple points of contact with your brand. It’s important that your logo design and brand experience has impact for them, is consistent wherever they encounter your brand and works well across digital and print media. 

  • Logo design 
  • Complete brand development including logo design, brand guideline development, brand narrative, brand colors, visual design and style elements
  • Refreshing an existing brand


Marketing Your Brand

Marketing is more than just advertising. It includes advertising but it also encompasses the how, why, and where to present your brand to your customers. Marketing helps figure out who your customers are and how to appeal to them.


  • Developing a research-based strategy customized for your business and your products
  • Seasonal campaigns and year-round marketing
  • Social media graphics and ads for Google, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Facebook marketing – ad design and management
  • Email newsletter design and marketing

Book Design, Cover to Cover

We bring your book or ebook to life with an attractive, professionally designed layout.

Book Cover and Ebook Cover Design

We have years of experience designing award-winning book covers — creative covers that get attention and stand out in the marketplace. A great book cover invites a reader to learn more and provides validity and gravitas to the book.


  • Custom book cover designs
  • Ebook cover design

Book Interior Design and Ebook Design

We design attractive and readable books. Every attention is given to all the technical details that add up to an comfortable reading experience that deeply engages with the reader.


  • Book and ebook interior design and layout
  • Expert photo editing and color correction
  • Any type of book interior design from complex full color interiors with graphs and figures to black and white text-only interiors
  • Epub and print-ready files for Amazon KDP and print vendors

Marketing Your Book

Book design doesn’t end with the book itself. The next step is getting it into the hands of your audience. We provide marketing and design support to present your book to the world.


  • Book website design
  • Author website design
  • Ads and visuals for your book for social media campaigns
  • Email newsletter design and marketing