The Power of Bhakti

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Book Cover Design
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Dr. David Wolf

“What is so captivating about the teachings of A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupāda, that Gaetano, Dominique, and their two young children embark on a new spiritual path? One that clarifies the terms yoga, dharma, karma, mantra, and the elusive mysterious person God… The Power of Bhakti reveals it all.

This book is a birds-eye view into Gaetano’s and Dominique’s living room, when they first encountered “bhakti-yoga” and experimented with mantra meditation to awaken spiritual consciousness. Eight extraordinary gatherings, facilitated by Dr. David Wolf.”—Bhakti Yoga Discussion

This book cover design features a beautiful sculpture by Gaetano Fruscella complimented by strong colors and modern typography. The off-center placement of the sculpture is intriguing, giving room for the sense of prayer and spiritual thoughts the sculpture makes one feel. The background texture brings a sense of grounding and mystery. The book interior design is professional, crisp, and readable with a comfortable mix of modern and classic fonts.

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