Destroyer of Sorrow

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In the majestic conclusion to this one-of-a-kind trilogy, the saga of the Ramayana finally comes to an end. The Ramayana, one of the longest ancient epics in the world, is rendered into modern form in Destroyer of Sorrow, which finishes off the sacred story, as Rama finally returns to Ayodhya, after fourteen long years of exile, to assume his rightful place as king.

We provided a complete book design and marketing package for this amazing project. Along with the book design and layout, we supported the  book launch and social media launch of the book. We developed a book trailer video, social graphics and templates, and a promotional packet for contacts in the media. We also kept their website updated and created an email newsletter. It was wonderful to work with such a creative team and have all of Anna’s beautiful artwork to use in creating designs. 

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